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sElf - Gizmodgery Limited Edition Blue Vinyl

Holy shit, its been 15 years since Gizmodgery was first released! To commemorate this special occasion, Gizmodgery finally gets the vinyl issue that it so rightly deserves. This is not just any vinyl, this suckas on Limited Edition Cayan Blue vinyl, yo! Featuring the hit songs, 'Trunk Fulla Amps', 'Ordinaire', 'Dead Man' and many more, the vinyl also includes the edited version of 'Trunk Fulla Amps' as well as the Japan-only b-side 'Resurrect'. When you order you will instantly get lossless AIFF download files of the whole album! Crazy, right?

Pressing Information

Limited Edition Cayan Blue Vinyl


  1. I Am A Little Explosion
  2. 5 Alive
  3. Chameleon
  4. Dead Man
  5. Trunk Fulla Amps
  6. Pattycake
  7. Ordinaire
  8. Miracle Worker
  9. Hi, My Name's Cindy
  10. What A Fool Believes
  11. 9 Lives
  12. ILoveToLoveYourLoveMyLove
  13. Trunk Fulla Amps (clean)
  14. Resurrect (Bonus Track)