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PLS PLS - LP LP 12" Colored Vinyl ECM006-1

This is a PRE-ORDER for PLS PLS' debut album LP LP on 12" vinyl. There are 5 different colors of vinyl (Pink, Clear, Black, Blue, Green) to select from. The pressing for each color has been limited to 100 pieces. Please select your color below. Album will ship on or after the release date of 10/22/13. Purchase includes digital download of the album.

This item is coming soon.

Pressing Information

Green-100 pieces pressed
Black-100 pieces pressed
Clear-100 pieces pressed
Pink-100 records pressed
Blue-100 records pressed


  1. Circles
  2. On Off On
  3. Pigs
  4. WCA
  5. Exes
  6. Fast as Light
  7. Necking in Cars
  8. Runaround
  9. Two Stone Pigeons
  10. I'll Sleep When Yr Dead